Block of the Month, A Quilt Along with Sue,,,Day 11 - Blog Post Challenge

Do you get bored with your projects midstream?  Do you have more UFOs than finished projects this year?  I have the worst case of bright, shiny object syndrome of any quilter I know!  But you would be so proud of me! 

Other than my hand applique travel project, I have not worked on any project accept My Magical Garden Quilt for months now, and this project still has me excited and pumped to finish!  This past weekend, I had a cancellation for an event on Saturday.  I was never so happy to have a day at home.  I was able to spend six straight hours in my sewing room, and designed the top and bottom borders for My Magical Garden Quilt.  So here is the design....

...but I will wait to show you the whole quilt put together until I am done with the decorative stitching on the border applique, and until I have the entire quilt together.  In fact, I'm going to wait until January 1st to show you the finished quilt!

That will be a great way to end the 31 day blog challenge, which ends on December 31.  A New Year's day post will encourage me to keep the blog going!  January 1st is also the day that our Quilt-Along page goes live on the website.  You will be able to see our promotional video, you can register for the quilt-along, and find out all about how the Block of the Month will work.  The BOM Quilt-along does not start until March, but you can register as soon as the webpages are up and running on January 1st!  I hope you love the My Magical Garden quilt as much as I do, and I hope you will join me to learn to make it!  


By Patricia C Pollace on
I want to sign up for magical quilt garden doesn’t it start in January 2018?
By Patricia C Pollace on
Maybe it’s March 2018

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