Biking and Quilting on this beautiful Fall New England Day!

Bike quilt from Houston

It is a bright, clear, beautiful morning here in New England.  I am waiting for the temp to warm up so I can go for a bike ride with my hubby Jeffrey today.   This is something we try to do once a week, granted I am not traveling, there is no snow on the ground and the temperature is above 40 degrees.  If you are not from around here, you may think that 40 degrees is a little cold to get out on your bike!  But in New England if it is sunny and bearable, it is best to get outside and enjoy the beautiful state we live in!  If I don't get a little outdoor time every week, or preferably every day, I get sucked into the Winter Blues!  It looks like the temp will get up to 44 degrees today by 1:00, so for now I have a few hours to sew before we get on the bikes.  Whenever I see great bicycle quilts, I always take a photo.  So here is a beautiful quilt that was at Quilt Festival in Houston.  

Today I will be squaring up the blocks for my new "Magical Garden Quilt Along".  This nine month Block of the Month subscription will help you get those Leaves Galore Tools out of your drawers and closets and onto your sewing table!  I will be teaching subscribers how to use each of the seven Rotary Cutting tools to make the 12 applique blocks in our Queen Size quilt.  The quilt is all designed and almost finished so I can start advertising the class.  This course will start in March and run for nine months, giving you a break for next year's Holiday Season!  After 9 months, you will have a beautiful quilt top, and the knowledge to use your Rotary Cut Applique tools.  

So before the quilting morning gets away from me, I'll be off!  I'll try to post some photos of our bike ride on Instagram and Facebook, so if you are not following me there yet, just search Sue Pelland and you can find my business pages!! 

Until tomorrow.  Day two of the 31 day blog challenge complete.  New habits are easy to start, but lets see how easy they are to keep!





By MariaG (not verified) on
Have a great ride and I'm really looking forward to seeing the Magical Garden quilt!
Susan E. Pelland's picture
By Susan E. Pelland on
Dear Maria, I'll be finishing up the borders this week, and will share the entire quilt as soon as that is done! Thanks for the encouragement!
By Joy Thompson (not verified) on
I am from New England and you are right about getting out when weather permits.
Susan E. Pelland's picture
By Susan E. Pelland on
Thanks Joy! If you live in New England you have to embrace the cold weather! I used to get depressed staying in doors all winter. Now I force myself to get out and walk, bike, hike or snowshoe!!

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