Beautiful Snow, Beautiful MODA quilt!

I received an exciting Christmas gift from Moda Fabrics! Two fabulous collections of fat quarters came in a bundle just before Christmas. I decided to throw them in the wash, and get them all ready for some post- holiday sewing.

fabrics straight out of the drier

Here is a collection from Moda Fabrics right out of the drier.  I wish I had a photo of the two beautiful fat quarter bundles that I started with, but I forgot to pull out my camera in my excitement! As you can see, the colors and prints are just yummy! This is "Dilly Dally", and the other collection is called "Just Wing It!" I loved the butterfly inspiration for "Just Wing It", there are even trees made entirely of butterflies! I decided to use this collection first to make "Melissa's Quilt" with a white background. The background is one of Moda basic white on white prints. Here is a photo of the quit in progress... It was fun to use the templates to make the quilting design for the center of the rings.

I used a blue wash away pen to mark the basic quilting design, then added elements as I was quilting.

I used my pattern cutting board under the finished top to mark the diagonal cross hatching. I couldn't use my Chalk Line in this case, because the background was white. I also used the pattern cutting board to line up the horizontal and vertical grid to place the 5" petals. Simple, fun and SUPER FAST! Here is the finished quilt!  Hope you like it!


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