Appliqué Tip of the Week: Watch YouTube for a refresher course on SPD techniques

YouTube videos

A recent visitor to the booth made us smile when she said "I've watched your videos so many times, they talk back to me - 'not you again'".  

That is exactly why I made the videos - so you can watch and learn - as many times as you need. You can access the videos from my website or directly in YouTube by searching on "Sue Pelland Designs".  

The most popular video is "Rotary Cut Appliqué with Leaves Galore" which teaches you to make the basic leaf/petal shape. "Rotary Cutting the S, Z, and Lemon-Shaped Leaves" explains how to make those shapes.  The Hearts and More Video walks you through the basic shapes that can be made with those templates.  You can also watch videos on applying Mistyfuse and using the templates for marking quilting designs.  One video explains how to use the Quilter's Quilt Line.  

Subscribe to Sue Pelland Designs on YouTube to get updates when we add additional videos.   If you have suggestions for topics related to my templates to include in a video, let me know.  




By Jacqueline Scri... (not verified) on
I just saw your rulers and designs for the first time at the AQS Show in Grand Rapids MI. last week. I just loved them but it was our last day there and I didn’t have enough time to buy the show package before my group left. I was wondering if you have a package like it for sale on line. I saw individual parts of it in your store but didn’t see it all packaged up so I really don’t know what I need. Also are you going to do another BOM. I just love the one for 2018 but I was too late to sign up at the show. My email is I am going to the show in Paducah next week but I don’t believe you are a vendor there.

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