A Quilty Christmas Wish List...Day 15

Needle Beedle

I have just finished my Christmas shopping online and WHOO HOO!  Everything will be delivered to my door.  Here in New England it has been a cool 23 degrees, and I'm doing all my shopping in my jammies  so I don't have to go out in the cold!

Have you been a good girl this year?  Maybe Santa will fill your stocking with some great sewing gadgets. 

Look at these adorable Needle Beedles!  These fun little gadges are a needle threader with a light and a thread cutter.  Just adorable, and OH so useful for those of us over 50!   This is just one of the fun new tools I have found for our next round of Quilt Shows starting in January.  But I don't have a show until January 18 so meanwhile these great little gadgets are available on my website.  If you think you need one, just print out this blog post and leave it where Santa will see it!  

Is thread storage a problem in your sewing room?  It sure is for me.  Do you remember my blog posts a few months back where I redecorated my sewing room?  At that time I looked everywhere for thread racks and only could find the wooden ones from Joanne Fabrics. I hate it when the pegs break.  Not anymore!!  Now these beautiful white painted thread racks are available, and I have them in stock.  They can be mounted on the wall or placed in plastic bins.  Each rack holds 21 spools, so you may need more than one!  I'm keeping this one right next to my sewing machine to keep the thread organized for my current project, the BOM!  

I also have a BobbinSaver hanging from the thread rack.  The bobbinsaver is holding the bobbins that match the threads fo rmy current project.  That way I don't get the weights or colors mixed up!  The bobbinsaver now comes in purple. 








I have a few of each item in stock, and I promise to get them out as soon as your order comes in.  You can get these great items for yourself or your favorite quilter in time for Christmas!  


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